Skylights enhance a room or space – Learn more about Skylights!

Skylights bring daylight into your home, Everyone in Los Angeles can Benefit!

Skylight: A window, dome, or opening in the roof or ceiling, to admit natural light

By letting natural light stream in, skylights fill rooms with warmth and a feeling of spaciousness. By reducing the need for electrical lighting and controlling heat gain and loss during Winter and Summer months, they also help trim energy bills. A skylight is like a window in the roof, but its frame is designed and flashed to withstand the rigors of rainfall  that a roof receives. A skylight’s flashing works in concert with the roofing material to usher away rain.  Skylights currently being produced are virtually leak-free thanks to rugged construction and easy-to-install, integral flashings. They’re also equipped with channels that carry away condensation and companies like VELUX has spend Millions of dollars in research and development of the NO LEAK Skylight. Not forgetting one of the best reasons for a Skylights, they will give you a view to the starry night sky outisde or sunny blue sky during the day all from the comfort within your home.

Use Skylights to improve your life!

Skylights that are available today are Energy Efficient while still providing ample healthy natural light and the best part….. They DON’T LEAK!!  Unlike models of the past, the skylights we install today at Skylights Of Los Angeles don’t leak and we’ll back that up with a Full Warranty.  Most people consider skylights for one of two reasons

1. Dark areas of the home called “Dead Spots” (These are places you don’t use very much because they are dark and gloomy)

2. Aesthetic Value – Adding skylights to a room can greatly change the feel and look making it more appealing.  Also skylights generally make a room look bigger.  Surprisingly, very few people actually install skylights for what might be their most useful attributes.  The health and life benefits,  when exposed to healthy natural light from the sun the body and mind actually respond in a positive manner.  Your mood might improve or your child might start doing 10-15% Better at school (actually proven by a scientific study).  We are just beginning to understand all the benefits of proper healthy exposure to Light.

Why so many People in Los Angeles are installing skylights in their homes!

Showcase the beautiful details within your home
From granite countertops to hardwood floors or beautiful paintings, you won’t find anything illuminates the beauty and craftsmanship of your designated room like the natural white daylight from a skylight.

Skylights open rooms up
They make rooms feel larger by opening up the ceiling to the outside, skylights quickly make all rooms feel more welcoming and desirable.

Don’t just add daylight to your home
Studies are showing exposure to the suns natural light (not harmful UV Rays) can be directly linked to people who have fewer health problems throughout their older years.

Why do so many people pay for something that can be free?
Skylights not only reduce your reliance on costly electricity, they also are more effective at actually lighting a space versus man made light.

When installed Properly Skylights DON’T Leak!
The old stereotype that all Skylights leak is a thing of the past, you can now just enjoy the benefits without all the headaches.

*DID YOU KNOW – It is said that having an insufficient amount of sunlight is linked directly to SAD(Seasonal Affective Disorder) people suffering from SAD may have less energy, bigger appetite, and depression. Twenty percent of America suffers from SAD.

Its easy to see why the Skylight industry has seen a huge increase in demand over the past 10 Years and its very exciting to see Southern California leading the trend with just about a 30% stake of the entire skylight market within the United States.  Los Angeles Skylights prides itself on being up to date with any and all benefits and technologies all the various skylights offer so that we will know how to best serve our clients needs.

Skylight Services Offered

Skylight Installations, Skylight RepairSkylight Replacement!

Velux Skylights are the top selling skylights.

What Are Flat Glass Skylights – Dome Skylights – Custom Skylights?

Flat Glass Skylights – The glass skylights we use today are by far the best skylights on the market  for performance and design.  They are Dual Glazed with Laminated Glass which is protected with a special glaze that reflects the harmul UV rays and allows healthy light with lots of Vitamin D to enter.  Within the two pieces of glass is a vacuum of gas that works to prevent the transfer of heat making the skylights extremely energy efficient.  Velux Skylights are the leaders when it comes to there Velux Deck Mounted Skylights and Velux Curb Mounted Skylights.  You can choose between Fixed, Manual Venting or Electric Venting Velux Skylights.  Sizes vary typically you want to use a standard size unless a custom size is your only option.  Call us for Sizes and Pricing or Click Here!

Dome Skylights – Are an older version of the skylight.  They were used more in homes in the 80’s and 90’s because at that time flat skylights would leak, almost 100% guaranteed.  The domed skylight doesn’t allow water to build up forming puddles on top, instead because of its bubble shape all the water will run off, resulting in dry ceilings!  Today, domes still work the same way but one thing did change,  Flat Glass Skylights don’t leak anymore and  Domed Acrylic Skylights generally do not have very good energy ratings (This has become more important to buyers within the last few years),  they allow for a much more heat gain and heat loss within an air controlled environment thus resulting in higher electric bills.  They are still good skylights and the negative effects will only be noticeable during your climates most extreme weather conditions…. like half the year, Summer and Winter.  We do not recommend installing Domed Skylights within an Air Controlled environments, with a few commercial exceptions. That said, we do have lots of clients that decide they want domed skylights and they don’t complain, ultimately it comes down to personal preference and circumstance.  Dome Skylights are built strong with high quality materials and in most cases more affordable than other skylight options.   Skylights Of LA offers the best Domed Skylights in Los Angeles, If you want a Domed Skylight we have you covered!

Custom Skylights – Practically any shape and size.  The most common are Round, Pyramid, Ridged or Rectangular.  You tell us what you want, we tell you how we can make it possible.  Give us a call and we will help you make your vision reality.

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