Los Angeles Skylight Repairs

We handle every aspect of skylight repairs here at Skylights of Los Angeles.

There are a few different reasons why you might need your skylight repaired. Click here for other Skylight Services

– Crack/Broken Glass or Plastic
– Leaking
– Old – Outdated
– Doesn’t keep air in or out!
– Venting skylight doesn’t open or motor doesn’t work

Depending upon your personal situation we will either repair your skylight or suggest replacing your skylight.  Unfortunately when dealing with skylights you have to realize they are a specialty item and if not installed correctly can give you allot of headaches.  We will always suggest whatever solution will leave  you not having to deal with your skylight again for a long long time.  Sometimes a simple repair works and sometimes your better off cutting your losses and getting a new skylight.

Skylight repairs can be very tricky you need to make sure the issue gets diagnosed correctly.  Repairing skylights can be especially tough in Los Angeles because there are so many different roof types and designs.  Each job gets a customized solution based on many variables based on your house and severity of the situation.

The two most common skylight repairs are issues with water leaks or structural damages from age.  When a Skylight gets old it tends to need more attention.  Most people notice issues with their skylights during and after rain.  Typically unless your skylight is cracked or visibly broken the only way you can tell if its structural integrity has been damaged is with water.  Water has a knack for finding its way through cracks and holes into the home.  You should periodically check your skylights after rain to make sure there aren’t any small leaks.  Obviously it’s best for you to catch problems with your Skylight in the early stages of the leaks development.

When you are analyzing your skylight issue there are a few things that can help us out:

–    Is your skylight installed directly to the roof or does it sit up off the roof on curb(box)?
–    What is the material of your roof?   Shingle – Composition – Tile – Shack – Concrete – Flat
–    What is the approx size of your skylight?  Is it flat glass or a Dome?
–    If Leaking does the leak appear to be coming from the skylight itself or the deck seal/curb?
–    Is there any drywall damage?
–    How old are the skylights? What is the make and model?

The more of these questions you can answer the faster we will be able to figure out what’s going on and find the right solution for you.

Important information you need to know about your skylight repair:

Flat Glass or Dome –  Skylights generally come in either a dome shaped plastic material or in Flat glass panels.
Measurements – From outside edge to outside edge.  On a curb mounted skylight you want to measure where the skylight is screwed into the “curb”.  The top of the skylight will slightly overhang the metal underneath where the actual screws secure the skylight.
How old is your skylight? If it is over 10 years chances are your better off replacing it.  When you start getting a problem with a older skylight any repair becomes more like putting a band aid on a cut that needs stitches.  Not in all cases but realize this has been an issues with older skylights built before 2007.
How high is it off the ground? What kind of roof material is around the skylight (shingles, tile, flat, shack)?

Do you have a VELUX Skylight that needs repairs? We have certified installers that have experience handling all types of repairs on Velux Skylights and Velux Sun Tunnels.  The reason VELUX Skylight repairs can be difficult is the fact that a good protion of their skylights have motors incorporated into the actual skylight (most other brands have a skylight and a motor and add them together at the time of installation).  So though a much better design the Velux Skylight also requires more skill to repair properly.  We fix Velux Venting Skylights and all of the working components as well as Fixed Velux Skylights that might be leaking or not properly installed.  Most Skylight companies in Los Angeles do not want to do Velux Skylight repairs because they are hard if you don’t know what your doing.  Please at the very least give us a call so your job gets done right…. the First Time!

How to check for Damage and analyze your issue:

  1. Examine exposed flashing carefully for corrosion, pinholes and other damage. Carefully bend up the roof to see as far under it as possible with the help of a mirror and flashlight.
  2. Examine previous “temporary” repairs made with caulk, flashing cement or other sealants. Look for cracks and holes, dry or brittle sealants and peeling. Either remove old sealant and apply a new layer, or make a more reliable repair.
  3. Verify that the skylight is fully closed and that any weather seals are in good condition (pliable, not deformed or torn). Problems typically occur when skylights are located in very high ceilings and it’s hard to see if they are fully closed.
  4. Verify that the supposed leak is not actually excessive condensation that has moved along the underside of the glass toward the edge and then dripped down the side of the interior opening. This is most likely in very cold climates, in single-glazed skylights, and in damp locations such as bathrooms, kitchens and greenhouse rooms.
  5. Look carefully at the roofing or flashing on vents and other penetrations further up the roof. A leak there can travel quite a distance before finding its way to an indoor opening at the skylight.

* To avoid damaging a roof or risking injury or even death from a fall, never walk on a wet roof.

* To avoid injury or roof damage, observe proper ladder and roof safety, and use a roof ladder (a rental item) where possible.

If we cannot fix your skylight to our standards we cannot give you a warranty for our work,  We do Skylights one way. The Right Way. In this case your option would be to replace the skylight.