Skylight Installations In Los Angeles, CA

Skylight Installations For Los Angeles Residents

Skylight technology has advanced to the point where the skylight itself is virtually guaranteed not to leak when installed correctly.  Skylights are notorious for leaking because contractors who have little roofing experience often install them incorrectly. Skylight Of Los Angeles’s expertise with roofing enables us to understand the dynamics behind skylights and how to keep the elements out. We have many skylight design and models to choose from for flat roofs and sloped roofs, functional commercial dome skylights and modern residential skylights. Our skylight technicians will help you choose the right skylight for your individual application.

Skylight installation Questions:

1. Is your roof pitched at an angle or flat?

2. What is the material of the roof, Shingle, Composition, Tile or Torch Down?

3. Is there any attic space between the roof and ceiling?

4. What skylight do you want? Fixed, Manual Venting or Electric Venting

5. How high are the ceilings and is there easy roof access?  1 story or 2 story?

Skylight Installation Benefits

Enhance a Room or Space:

By adding a skylight you are able to bring life into a room by making it feel more spacious, appealing and comfortable.

Save Energy:

Our Skylight installation service in Los Angeles, CA creates additional natural light in any room of your home; adding value to your home all while reducing your energy costs.

Guaranteed Leak-Proof Installation:

As a leading Los Angeles based skylight installation expert, we can assure you of a professional job site and a leak-proof installation guarantee.  Completed the right way, the first time!

Skylight Designs and Models:

Skylights come in a huge selection of styles and sizes for Los Angeles residents. Whether you need a 2×2 skylight installed directly over your kitchen table, or an 8×8 skylight to open up your living room giving it that “WOW” factor, we are here to help you make the right choice!

Skylight repair or Skylight Replacement.

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Two Skylight Installation Methods:

Installing Skylights: About Deck Mount Skylights

Deck-mount skylights attach directly to the roofing plywood eliminating the need for a curb. You do not have to build up a curb but you do need to install flashing around the skylight sealing it to the roof deck.  Deck-mounted skylights offer a lower profile on your roof and may be a more attractive option for roofs with high visibility.  If you install a Deck Mounted skylight it is imperative that the job gets done correctly as the deck mounted installation has a higher level of risk than a curb mounted installation as the skylight sits directly on the roof.  No one wants a Leaky Skylight!

Installing Skylights: About Curb Mount Skylights

Curb-mounted skylights sit on top of a framed opening in the roof roughly 8-12” high.  The Curb is sealed to the roof versus having the skylight sealed to the roof.  This has been known as the safer option to guarantee a leak proof installation. The best way to describe the design of a curb mounted skylight is to think of the curb as a shoebox and the skylight as the shoebox lid (With Deck Mounted Skylights the Shoebox lid sits directly onto the roof ). The curb, typically built using 2×4’s is attached around the opening on the roof. The curb is then flashed to the roof, and the skylight is then slid over top and fastened from the sides.  Their profile is typically more visible than a deck mounted skylight, making them slightly less attractive in some homeowner’s eyes but aside from how they sit on your roof there are no differences between either skylight option.