Solar Tube and Sun Tunnel Services

Sun Tunnel Skylights and Solar Tube Skylight Services in Los Angeles, CA

If you want more Natural Light in your home but regular traditional flat glass skylights won’t work for any reason, you really need to check out the Solar Tube and Sun Tunnel Skylights.  They are affordable and provide amazing daylight that is collected on your roof directly from the Sun.  Skylights Of Los Angeles offers a full line of VELUX Sun Tunnel and Solar Tube Tubular Skylights from new installations to repairing problem units.  We typically don’t do replacement solar tubes because its basically just a new installation and there is no reason to get confusing.  When you give our experts a call We will help you determine the best lighting solutions for your individual project.

Solar Tube & Sun Tunnel Skylight Installation

Full Service Installation for all Velux Sun Tunnel Skylights the most innovative tubular skylight in the industry. The new product design delivers brighter/whiter natural light and easier/faster installation than ever before.  The 10′ skylights is ideal for smaller rooms such as closets, hallways, laundry rooms and second baths.  The 14″ Skylight is ideal for larger rooms like Kitchens, dinning rooms, bedrooms and entry ways. You can now add natural light to places you thought were impossible using the Sun Tunnel Skylight.

-Installation takes roughly 2 Hrs per tube.

-4ft of tubing comes standard for each skylight (

-Tile Roofs require additional Tile Flashing to insure water tight seal

Our Certified Skylight Technicians do all of our work.  If you are not sure about the placement of the skylights prior to installation do not worry!  Our Skylight technicians are trained to advise you on proper placement before doing any work.  We check to make sure the area you want the tube installed will work, sometimes there are obstacles in the attic or on the roof that we will have to work around.  We will always check everything and go over it with you before any work starts.  We want you to be happy!

Sun Tunnel & Solar Tube Skylight Repairs

These Skylight repairs can be very tricky you need to make sure the issue gets diagnosed correctly.  Repairing Solar Tube skylights can be especially tough in Los Angeles, CA because there are so many different roof types and designs.  Each job gets a customized solution based on many variables pertaining to your house and also the severity of the situation.  The two most common skylight repairs are issues with water leaks and structural damages from age.  If you have a VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylight we will have to come out and diagnosis the issue in person, we then talk with you about the best solution and help make the decision that works best for you!  We will always give you our suggestion but we want you to know that ultimately our job is to inform you of your options so you can make the most informed deicsion as possible.

-Leaking Sun Tunnels is the most common repair and most of the time can be fixed by resealing the flashing with roofing sealant.

-If your Tube is older than 10 years and your having problems with it, chances are the most affordable solution will be to replace it.

-If installed correctly you should never have to repair a Solar Tube Sun Tunnel!

When we install solar tube or Sun Tunnel Skylights they don’t leak, almost ever, but sometimes people don’t have us install their skylights and they end of leaking ;)!  Our skylight techs have worked on literally hundreds of repairs and will know exactly how to stop yours from leaking!

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