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Sun Tunnels and Solar Tubes reflect the Suns natural light through a dome at the top of your roof down a reflective metal tube into your living area. In cases where a traditional skylight isn’t the answer, Tubular Skylights are an inexpensive, energy-efficient way to bring passive natural light into your home.

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What are Solar Tubes, Sun Tunnels, Tubular Skylights and Sky Tubes?
Solar Tubes and Sun Tunnels are an excellent way to get natural sunlight into parts of your home that don’t have any windows. They can be installed on almost any roof and can bring light into almost any room that is not located more than
20 feet from the roof deck. Using sun tunnels will save you money by reducing the amount of work your HVAC unit has to perform.  Also widely known as a solar tube or tubular skylight, these skylights are one of the most popular home improvement projects being done right now. From the easy DIY installation to the long list of benefits, a sun tunnel can add a unique aspect of eco-friendly décor to your home. Tubular lighting is so versatile, the tubes can fit where standard skylights can’t, and they’re about a third of the cost of your classic skylight. They’re designed for all roof materials and pitches from flat up to an 60%.  Tubular skylights, like VELUX Sun Tunnel skylights, are one green design element that architects are increasingly turning to as an easy and effective way to earn green certification credits for projects.

How do Solar Tubes and Sun Tunnels work?
Sun Tunnel Skylights have a roof-mounted UV resistance and weatherproof dome that collects light from the sun no matter what it’s position is in the sky.  The dome attaches to a tunnel that has a highly reflective matalic glaze that helps the sunlight reflect and bounce off the tube more efficiently. The tubing can be rigid or flexible but we only recommend rigid as you lose to much light with the flexible skylight tubing.  So the circular tubing helps guide the sunlight down through the attic to the ceiling where a diffuser distributes the light evenly out through the room. On the roof a watertight circular design eliminates water build up on the Sun Tunnel, just like a normal roof vent. The flashing is sealed to top frame to create one piece unit thus making the solar tube 100% water tight. The sealed diffuser on your ceiling virtually eliminates any measurable heat gain or loss during different seasons. From the inside of the house, the diffuser looks like a conventional flat light fixture, people will be shocked to know that its all natural light! Also an optional light kit can be added to your Solar Tube Skylight that will allow you to have electrical light come through the diffuser during the night so your not left out in the dark.

How will Sun Tunnels and Solar Tube Skylights benefit me?
Passive light is defined as light without the heat emitted by electrical sources.  It’s a form of natural light, but in this age of green building it has acquired an upscale name (have you noticed that typically the nicer/more expensive the house the more natural light in the home?).  No matter what it’s called, it’s still one of the best lighting methods available.  It’s free,  It’s effective, It’s efficient and it they can be professionally installed by Skylights of Los Angeles in just around 2 hours!  Why have a dark room and use an electric light if all you have to do is open a window to the free light  from outside?  Natural light not only cuts down on the amount of artificial light in a room, but it can also help boost your energy levels and overall well being.  Studies have proven people exposed to more healthy natural light perform at a higher level, on average 10-15% more productive.  It just makes you feel better and more alive but thats just what I think.  Having been scientifically proven, It lifts your mood, relieves eye strain and illuminates the room—not to mention saves money on your energy bill. Thorough testing indicates that there is minimal identifiable heat gain or loss with the sun tunnel, far less than federal guidelines mandate.

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How Do you determine what size tube is right for you?
There are two standard Residential Solar Tube and Sun Tunnel Skylight Sizes, 10″ and 14″.  With both sizes, you will be able to bring light into any areas of your home that are darker than you’d like.  The natural light from each tube is evenly diffused through the room so you won’t have any glare or bright spots.

  • 10″ Diameter tube – Hallways, Bathrooms, Closets, Laundry Rooms – 10″ Solar Tube provides approx 160 – 180 sq ft of light.
  • 14″ Diameter tube – Kitchens, Living Rooms, Entry Ways, Dinning Rooms, Bedrooms, Larger Open Areas – 14″ Solar Tube provides approx 260 – 280 Sq ft of light

Should I get Rigid Tubing or Flexible Tubing?
Rigid models are available in a 10″ or 14″ diameters and a rigid SUN TUNNEL™ is nearly as bright as a 21” flexible tunnel.  The rigid tubing gives you the greatest light brightness and dispersion.  We only install Rigid Tubing because you lose too much light with a flexible tunnel, as the light travels down a flexible tube up to 20% of the light can be lost.  We can guarantee you will be satisfied with the amount of light from a Rigid Tube and from experience we can almost guarantee you will not b e satisfied with the amount of light from a flexible tube.

This picture is a VELUX SUN TUNNEL Rigid TMR Skylight