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Important Skylight Questions to Consider

What kind of roof do you have above the location you want your skylight – There are various ways to install a skylight under different roof materials and slopes.  Its important to know the pitch of your roof (How steep is it? Can someone walk on it?), You need to install a different Skylight if you have a flat roof versus having a slightly pitched roof to insure they are sealed water tight.  Another element that is important in deciding what skylight to get is your roofing material. Typically on pitched roof material will either be Composition, Shingle or Tile.  When you call us all this information will help us better serve you.

Do you have any Attic Space above the location you want to install the skylight? – Light from a skylight needs to be directed from the roof down into your room, so when you look up out through your skylight you don’t just see open attic space so you need a Shaft.  We will build a shaft out of drywall that will enclose the attic and make your room appear larger.  The more attic space you have the bigger the shaft  you will need, and the more labor it will require thus making your job more expensive.  If you want a Sun Tunnel Solar Tube or Tubular Skylight you need to know how big your attic is so you will have enough tubing to run the length from your roof to ceiling.

What are Flashing Kits? – A flashing kit seals and waterproofs the skylight and the roof opening. The proper installation of the flashing kit is the most important factor in achieving watertight installations. Flashing kits are designed to accommodate specific types of roof material and roof pitch. Almost all roof materials use the same flashing but if you have a tile roof you need an additional flashing because tile is not waterproof.

What Is A Curb Mounted Skylight? – A curb is nothing but a raised frame that certain types of skylights (curb mount) are attached to. The curb raises the skylight above the roof line. The skylight consists of an aluminum frame, insulated glass panes and a rubber gasket that seals the skylight on the curb. Think of a curb like the bottom of a shoe box and the skylight like the top of a shoe box.  Its very important the curb is properly seal into the roof.

Curb Vs Deck Mounted Skylight? – The decision to use a curb versus a deck mount skylight is often based on the preference or experience of the installer or contractor. There is one exception to this – flat roofs will require a curb mount skylight to keep water from submerging the skylight and causing leakage.  VELUX offers the first ever NO LEAK SKYLIGHT which is Deck Mounted, its very easy to install and performs great.

What are the code requirements for Skylights? – it would be prudent to check with your local building code officials to inquire about specific requirements for your area. In general, the standard tempered glass meets all US building codes, but in California code requires the use of Comfort Plus or laminated glass for installations over 12ft high, certain areas in Florida require stronger impact or hurricane rated glass. We offer the right skylight for your application, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call and talk with one of our Skylight experts!

Skylight links:

  • Sun Tunnel Skylights Los – Top website for information on VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights for all of Los Angeles, ca.  Full service Sun Tunnel company.
  • VELUX USA – – VELUX Manufacturers the Top Skylight brand in the world.  They offer a full line of skylights and skylight accessories.  VELUX is known for their Skylights and Sun Tunnel Skylights.                   VELUX Skylights VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylight
  • Bristolite – Bristol Lite makes great flat glass and dome skylights.  They are very good at custom skylights like round and pyramid shaped.
  • Solar – Solar industries makes various skylights and have a large selection of stock sizes.         
  • Energy Star – ENERGY STAR is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices.

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