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When you replace a skylight you should make sure you get a Full Warranty on Labor and Material, otherwise it will not be worth replacing your skylight.  Replacing a skylight should also be considerably less than installing a new skylight, with an opening in the roof and ceiling pre existing the only work is on the roof.  It really depends on the condition of the skylight to determine how extensive the work will be.  Its  not always as easy as putting one skylight off and the other right on.  Sometimes you have to strip away all the material to the roof deck and re-install the skylight correctly insuring a proper seal to the roof.  We will clearly explain what we think is the best solution for you and why we feel this way.  We give you all the facts and then let you make an informed decision.  After all you want the job to get done right.  I’m sure some of you are deciding to replace your skylight after a few failed attempts at a repairing it.  Make sure you let us take a look and give you our opinion on your best plan of action.  The last thing you want is your skylight installed wrong causing you further problems down the road.  If your dealing with a skylight issue and want to replace it we want to make sure you don’t have to deal with it again for many years to come!

Top reasons people decide to replace their skylights

Plastic Dome skylights are common and cheap, and are often a source of condensation and heat. They may easily deteriorate in light and become discolored over time but when price is an issue they do the trick.  The quality of a plastic skylight may vary, and the final efficiency and lifespan of it depends on the type of acrylic used. The glazing of plastic skylights is usually made with polycarbonate or acrylic materials, which make it strong. Acrylic skylights are more resistant to ultraviolet rays, but polycarbonate skylights are sturdier and have a longer lifespan.  A standard dome skylight does not meet energy efficiency standards for windows and skylights provided by the federal government.

By replacing a dome skylight with a flat glass skylight homeowners can save on energy bills, protect furniture from fading, and gain the healthful benefits of better natural light simply by replacing old plastic bubble dome skylights with updated, energy-efficient glass models.  There are easily hundreds of thousands of cracked and yellowing plastic skylights still in use, and many good reasons to replace them.  There is less noise, no leaking or drafts, and it’s a better-looking product both inside and out.  Also, flat-glass skylights offer a clear view, have aesthetic advantages, and provide tremendous endurance to withstand extreme weather.  High quality glass skylight models feature a double layer of Low-E coating to provide additional thermal performance, preventing heat gain in the summer months and heat loss during the winter.  Replacement skylights meeting requirements of the Energy Star program are available in a verity of sizes to fit approximately 80 percent of all existing skylight installations.

If you have a skylight you need to replace we are the top Skylight Replacement company in Los Angeles.  No matter the reason you want a Skylight replacement we can help you out.  Typically you replace your skylights when they are old and start to cost you more money repairing or through energy loss than the cost of installing a new skylight to replace the inefficient old skylight.  You may not need to replace your skylights, sometimes all you need is a Skylight Repair.

10 compelling reasons to replace or upgrade your existing skylights with New VELUX Skylights!

1. Warranty
The new VELUX No Leak skylight offers the only comprehensive 10 Year No Leak warranty you’ll find anywhere. This covers the skylight and its installation against leaks for a decade and coincides with the warranty of the new roof.

2. Energy efficiency
VELUX skylights feature the most energy efficient double-glazed technology available. Providing more daylight and better heat control than any other glass previously offered, our advanced LoE3 coating and argon-filled double pane design ensures year-round comfort and energy savings.

3. Condensation resistance
VELUX low-E3 glass offers nearly three times the resistance to interior condensation as does clear insulating glass.

4. UV protection
VELUX LoE3 glass reflects 83% of the sun’s rays that cause fabrics to fade and paint to yellow. In contrast, clear insulating glass only reflects about 30% of harmful solar radiation and UV light.

5. Design flexibility
VELUX skylights are available in fixed, manual venting and motorized venting models complete with rain sensors. VELUX roof windows meet the requirements of fire egress codes, and there is even a model designed for any roof pitch or any roofing material.

6. Pre-finished Interior
VELUX No Leak skylights offer a pre-finished interior as standard. No painting or staining required.

7. Shading and window treatments
All VELUX skylights offer a variety of optional electric, manual and solar powered blinds for added comfort and energy efficiency. Solar powered blinds qualify for U.S. government energy tax credits.

8. Compatibility
We offer sizes that are compatible to virtually any brand or type of skylight available.

9. Quality and value
According to annual brand use surveys done by the readers of Builder Magazine, VELUX skylights rank as the highest quality, best value and the most used residential skylights in the USA. In fact, in over 25 years of this survey, we have never been rated less than #1 in any of these categories.

10. Convenience
The easiest and best time to replace a skylight is when the roof is replaced.

Replacing your old skylights with a glass skylight can make you see light in a whole new way.