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What is a VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylight?

VELUX is the worlds leading manufacturer of the Solar Tube Skylight Which they call the VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylight.  It is a tubular shaped device that collects the Suns natural light on your roof and redirects it down into your home.  The Sun Tunnel Skylight is manufactured using the highest quality materials and was specifically designed with ease of use in mind.  Installing A Sun Tunnel Skylight or Solar Tube Skylight in your home can benefit and enhance your living environment.  A lot of homes have dark areas or rooms that aren’t used very much because they do not feel welcoming due to the lack of quality light.  With a Tubular Skylight or Soar Tube you can solve this problem harnessing natural light that will come down and enhance the detail and make your space feel more comfortable and appealing.

The Sun Tunnel Skylight works by collecting light through an acrylic dome on the roof, the sunlight is then directed down through a reflective metal tubing and then out a ceiling diffuser and into your room.  You will get great natural light that enhances your room or space.

Why VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylights?

The VELUX Sun Tunnel Skylight are considered by industry professionals as the top Solar Tube/Tubular Skylight natural lighting green products available on the market today.  Sun Tunnel Skylights are similar to traditional Skylights in the amount of light they produce,  but Sun Tunnel Skylights are much cheaper and easier to install which is why they are becoming more common than traditional Skylights.

A key benefit to installing a Sun Tunnel in Los Angeles is the durable you will get from the Velux manufactured product.  These Sun Tunnel Skylights have passed intense testing, including a Florida hurricane impact test. These durability tests essentially guarantee the solar tube’s longevity for years to come without loosing any light exposure.  Imagine not having to change the best shinning light bulb that produces clear white light for 20 years!  You really can’t go wrong by installing a Velux Sun Tunnel Skylight in your home or business, they perform as Advertised!  Velux Sun Tunnel Skylight Services in Los Angeles, CA

Top Velux Sun Tunnel Features:

– The TMR/TGR rigid Velux Sun Tunnel Skylight feature a highly reflective tunnel that provides brighter, whiter light output. This makes the tubular skylights great for most applications, even installations with long tunnel runs or those in areas with less sunlight.
– The Sun Tunnel Skylight features an innovative one-piece pitched or Low Profile metal flashing that is designed to keep out the elements while providing the optimal angle for gathering light from all directions.
– The Velux Sun Tunnel comes with a pre-assembled flat ceiling ring and paint-able ceiling trim ring so you can customize the final appearance.
– The Sun Tunnel Rigid TMR/TGR Skylight has a guaranteed No Leak Flashing method for installations on virtually any roof!  Integrated metal flashing system.

Like Solar Tubes The Velux Sun Tunnel Skylight is an energy efficient option to bring natural light into your home.  The Sun Tunnel Skylights admits passive light from the Sun without the normal heat emitted by electrical light sources.

Energy efficiency, worry-free installation and VELUX quality put your mind at ease in any application of the Sun Tunnel Skylight. Providing an excellent value and a big impact to any project makes the SUN TUNNEL  an excellent choice for your day-lighting needs.  A Sun Tunnel is a tubular skylight day-lighting device. In other words, a Velux Sun Tunnel Skylight captures daylight at the roof, carries it through a reflective metal tubular shaft and delivers light into your home.

The Velux Sun Tunnel  creates a big impact, on any project, in any room. Limitations such as attic obstructions and long shaft runs from the roof to the ceiling are easily overcome and the beauty of natural light is still delivered to your room.  The Sun Tunnel Skylight can take the darkest room, of any size and shape, and brighten it while eliminating the harsh color shifts of incandescent and florescent bulbs. Transform your room with natural daylight from above – a big impact at a small price.

The Velux Sun Tunnel Skylight provides an economical approach to bringing the benefits of natural light into any area of the home. It can take your darkest rooms and illuminate them with the beauty of natural light. With an engineered assembly from the roof to the ceiling, they create an impact on any room.

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Velux Sun Tunnel Product Details

Sun Tunnel Sizes
The TMR/TGR Velux Sun Tunnel skylight comes in 10″ and 14″ diameters. For more details on the available sizes, please give us a call and we would be glad to answer any questions.

Sun Tunnel length
The standard TGR/TMR Vexlux Sun Tunnel Rigid skylight kit will span 43″ with a straight run. Additional tunnel is sold separately. The maximum recommended tunnel length is 20′ for size 010 and 20′ for size 014.

Sun Tunnel Dome
Domes are available in standard acrylic or high-impact polycarbonate for hurricane prone areas.

Dual diffuser
The Rigid TMR/TGR Vexlux Sun Tunnel Rigid skylight features a dual diffuser that reduces the chance of condensation and increases energy efficiency while providing even light distribution through a frosted diffuser.

Quick and easy installation
The Vexlux Sun Tunnel Skylight installation is quick, easy and can be completed in just two hours with only basic carpentry skills required.

Warranties you can trust
The Vexlux Sun Tunnel Rigid skylight comes with a ten year warranty against manufacturer’s defect, rust corrosion and deterioration.

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